You're A Babe Box


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You're A Babe Box
You're A Babe Box

A box for the total babe!  Our "You're A Babe" candle & "You're A Babe" facial toner / beauty mist together in one chic, little black box!  This set is perfect for gifting to a friend or yourself!  Please view individual product details below. 

You're A Babe Facial Toner & Beauty Mist

Our floral beauty toner for the total babe!  Give yourself a little spritz here & there, throughout your day to feel revitalized, gorgeous & balanced!

A gentle rose water based toner with geranium essential oil to reduce inflammation, restore balance to skin and hormones and alleviate anxiety.  2oz / 60ML

USE: Give a shake... Mist over your face & hair throughout the day to feel refreshed.

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, rose hydrosol (rose water), witch hazel, essential oils, vegetable glycerin, optiphen plus (natural preservative)

Store in a cool, dry location.  Keep in the fridge for an extra refreshing treat :-)

*natural & cruelty free*

You're A Babe Candle

All natural, cruelty free soy candle!  

Scent - Floral Garden.  A lovely, soft aroma as beautiful as you are!

8oz candle in a beautiful glass tumbler

You're A Babe Box
You're A Babe Box

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